EBVTR Board for Vocational Education

EBVTR is operating a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing vocational training in the fields of computers, beauticians, makeup, tattoo, paramedical, tailoring, art, culture, and many more. Our goal is to provide high-quality education and affiliation to Institutes, Training centres and organization and can become affiliated with us. We provide a viable choice for students to improve their skills through our challenges programme. We aim to develop training and activities that will lead to economic prosperity for these students by demonstrating how they can earn income through job and self-employment through market linkages.

A very low fee enables EBVTR to provide a very high level of skill development training. It has been determined that a training method that emphasizes "learning" instead of teaching" has been optimized.

  • Improving the quality of technical education.
  • Technical Education System Development Planning and Coordination

  • Due to the high cost of taking courses at some institutions, lower and middle-class families in our society are not able to afford such courses at the moment. Keeping the standards of our education system, and maintaining a low fee structure, is our mission in order to offer affordable courses. Courses are launched after the initial survey has been completed. We monitor the progress of the student’s performance through regular tests to develop their skills so that they can successfully participate in the job market and handle any situation with confidence.

    Our commitment is to provide career-focused education along with exceptional technical and professional skills, as well as ethical values. Our faculty's hard work and dedication will help our students build a bright future.
    EBVTR (Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research) is a one-of-a-kind educational board that oversees PAN India Institute, Training Center, and Business School. It is a part of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of the Indian government, and it is registered with the Indian government. We have been delivering educational services with the following objectives.

    1. The main goal of the Vocational Educational Training Board is to make India a developed country.
    2. The Syllabus and Literature will be provided free of charge by the Vocational Educational Training Board.
    3. Establishing training centres throughout the country's rural areas.
    4. Make qualified unemployed people available to employers.
    5. Instill a strong desire to work hard as well as confidence in one's own ability to succeed.
    6. Provide personality development training to boost confidence.
    7. Raising children's social awareness and encouraging them to perform for the benefit of themselves and society.
    8. To instil a sense of development in themselves as well as the country.
    9. To instil in rural residents the importance of vocational education.
    10. Exposure to a variety of courses will stimulate and train students to become self-sufficient.
    11. To aid in the development of exceptional educators, academics, performers, and advanced researchers. In the field of skill education, to become a world-class, highly efficient, and professional organisation.